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About Us

How It All Began

Out of college I frequented breweries and enjoyed what they offered. But I always thought they could be nicer and more refined. On a trip to Berlin in 1990 with some Arizona State buddies, I had a life-changing moment that synced my future to the world of beer. There, I had my first true Bavarian Hefeweizen. The notes of banana, clove and even bubble gum hit my palate; it was a revelation on what beer could be, and I was forever hooked.

Once back home in SoCal, I began researching local, craft breweries. Simultaneously, I knew a career change was eminent, moving away from the big business world to follow my dream of pursuing hospitality. When my family agreed to back me in a full service restaurant, the concept started as a brew-pub. That morphed into a fish house and oyster bar, but always anchored by beer. The first TAPS Fish House & Brewery opened in Brea in 1999.

Eighteen years and almost 100 medals later, TAPS was at a turning point. Our fine brewing team was creating world-class beers, but we had hit a brick wall in terms of production from two overworked breweries and the ability to supply TAPS beers to outside distributors. So the concept of a dedicated brewery and tasting room evolved and the process of finding the right real estate began. After viewing 4 locations over a period of 3 years, we hit pay dirt when we discovered the perfect site here in the city of Tustin.

Our new adventure with a facility of this magnitude allows us to centralize all our brewing operations and team in an environment completely devoted to the craft of beer. Brewing, bottling, kegging, cold storage, wood barrel aging, online sales and distribution are under one roof and will greatly enhance productivity and quality control.

We want to share the experience with our guests and have created a barrel room as part of the project with simple service, new and vintage games, and with our background in food, a limited but creative menu that will come out of an amazing food truck.

See you at TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room.

Joe Manzella
Founder & Proprietor