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TAPS The American Cream Bottle

The American Cream

This historical style ale, which is most similar to a blonde ale, finds its roots in the competitive nature between ale and lager brewers during 19th Century.This style is the ale brewers’ answer to the lager: a beer light in body and color, with a crisp, slightly fruity, and refreshing finish.

TAPS Amend This Bottle

Amend This!

This American Pilsner is brewed in the traditional Pre-Prohibition style of early American brewers, incorporating rice and higher hopping rates than most modern American Pilsners. We strive for a clean and crisp finish to remind us why German working-class immigrants so passionately brewed this historically popular style.

TAPS Poseidon IIPA Bottle

Poseidon IIPA

This “tempestuous” Imperial IPA is dominated by tropical notes of peach, mango, citrus, pineapple, and sauvignon blanc grapes, which are derived from the blend of American and Southern Hemisphere hops. Our offering for you and the God of the Sea himself…



Our medium-to-light bodied west coast IPA is the perfect canvas for hops to shine. Notes of pine and citrus dominate the nose, while a pleasant and slightly lingering bitterness remains balanced on the palate for maximum drinkability.

Limited Release

TAPS Silent Warrior Bottle

Silent Warrior

This American Ale is brewed with dates and figs and aged in bourbon barrels. A significant contribution from the sales of the beer will be made to LZ-Grace.